2209-2219 Congress – Houston

This section of Congress St. (c. 1890s-1900) is one of the oldest and intact commercial areas left in Houston. Unfortunately, the leftmost building suffered extensive damage after its roof collapsed.


This block of Congress was also briefly paved with “Nicholson Pavement” – more about that here: http://www.saginawimages.org/cdm/singleitem/collection/p16610coll2/id/183


Businesses at 2209-2211 Congress St.

1905-1912: Damskey & Co. Saloon; Garner’s Meat Market; Fujino & Hashiguchi Tea Co.; Peterson & Elder Billiards; Is It Is Moving Pictures; Workingmen’s Saloon

1913-1923: Hotel Lottie, Frisco Hotel, Salem Hotel (upper floor); Houston Drug Co. Warehouse; Coffland’s Domino Hall; W.T. Glass Tin Shop

1926-1933: Woods Coffee Co.

1955-1963: Modern Hotel; Port City Music Co


Businesses at 2213 Congress St.

1910-1922: Oriental Dye Works & Lace; George P. Spiridulius Candy Maker; Hotel DeLuxe


Businesses at 2215 Congress St.

1903-1907: Standard Publishing Co.; Mann Groceries

1955-1963: Hall Hotel; Harlan Printing Co.; Patterson Printing Co.

1976-: Commercial Washer + Dryer Co.


Businesses at 2217 Congress St.:

1917-1922: Mistretta Groceries and Barber Shop; All Saints Cigar Co.


Businesses at 2219 Congress St.:

1896-1933: Houston & Faubin Drug Store; Congress Cafe; MP Cafe

1955: Capitol Coffee Co.



Congress St. - Houston TX

Congress St. - Houston TX



Congress St. - Houston TX