House in Texas – Neuhaus & Taylor

310 Carnarvon Dr. – Houston TX (built 1957; architects: Neuhaus & Taylor; demolished between 1990 and 1999)

This home, built for the Genitempo family, was built without the port-cochere described. Excerpted from the February 1957 issue of Arts & Architecture:


Site: 130′ x 150′, flat, heavily wooded


Problem: The design of a contemporary residence, for a young couple with two children, which would be suitable for entertaining with large informal parties, taking advantage of the natural beauty of the site, yet maintaining privacy from the neighbors.


Solution: The basic house was designed around the swimming pool and play yard, on a basic 4′ x 4′ module expressed in the terrazzo floor used throughout.

The necessity of saving large oak and pine trees dictated the basic “H” shape of the plan. The drive-through port-cochere is framed with four 36′ laminated arches inclined at approximately 45 degrees and roofed with 1″ decking spanning in both directions which forms a warped shell type roof. This shape was used primarily for design relief of the severe brick exterior after determining that it was structurally and economically feasible.

The exterior walls are 10″ brick and glass. The fixed sash is let into routed 4 x 4 posts, and the fence picks up the same pattern by the use of 1/4″ transite set in a similar manner.


House in Texas by Neuhaus & Taylor

House in Texas by Neuhaus & Taylor

House in Texas by Neuhaus & Taylor