Odd Characters in Houston No. 5

From the Houston Daily Post, August 16, 1900, this tells the story of F.K. Smith, better known as “Elijah, the Prophet.”


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Odd Characters in Houston No. 5 – Elijah, the Prophet (excerpts):

“Elijah” first came in to prominence in Houston more than a year ago by predicting the destruction of the city by a super-abundance of hot water that should come down from the upper air. He gathered his flick at their church and kept them there until the police had to disperse them as a matter of protection to their health.


However, the failure of the hot water deluge to arrive did not shake the congregation’s faith in their leader, he afterwards explaining that he had mistaken the application of the prophecy, and that instead of coming at once “the bridegroom had tarried.”


Turning to Rev, vii, 2, Smith read. “And I saw another angel ascend from the sunrising, having the seal of the living God.” To the reporter the “prophet” said: “I believe I am the angel referred to in that passage. I came from the East – from Chattanooga, Tenn.”


Smith is practicing what he preaches. He has had an “ark” built and placed in his church, ready for use when the super-abundance of moisture comes.



Odd Characters in Houston No. 5