Thornhill’s Cafeterias – Houston

Palms Shopping Center (built 1955; space currently occupied by Young Branch of Houston Public Library), 5235 Buffalo Speedway (build date unknown, demolished 2009; also Sitton’s Cafeteria), 320 Winkler (build date unknown; demolished 1980s) – Houston TX


From Houston Magazine, 1955, about the new Palms Center location:

Menus in Modern Manner:


Southeast Houston residents apparently get as hungry as those in the Southwest and East End  – so Thornhill’s supplies the menu in plush surroundings in its newest cafeteria in Palms Shopping Center.


Some of the same national award-winning features used in the Buffalo Speedway cafeteria enhance the new 300-seat unit – including a conveyor belt to remove used dishes from the dining area; a decorative blend of wrought iron, terrazzo and carpeting; and stainless steel kitchen.




Thornhills Cafeteria - Houston TX

Thornhill's Cafeteria - Houston TX

Thornhill's Cafeteria - Houston TX

Matchbook courtesy Larissa Lindsay