Prudential building implosion – January 8, 2012

Via MD Anderson news:

Demolition day for the Houston Main Building (HMB) will be Sunday, Jan. 8, 2012.
But don’t make plans to come to campus to watch the implosion, which will take place after the sun comes up that morning. It’s a serious construction activity that requires a lot of attention to safety – for our patients, the public and ourselves.
“Implosions are loud and create a lot of dust, and there will be a lot of street closures,” says John Chachere, project director, Capital Planning and Management. “But safety is the most important thing.. For all these reasons, we’re asking that employees not come to campus unless they’re scheduled to work.”
Chachere points out that the exclusion zone – the area within which no one may be outside during the implosion process – is large. “There’s not any place you can go to view this thing and really see what’s going on.”
The implosion will be videotaped, so everyone will have ample opportunity to watch it later.

Just the First Step

Once the building comes down, the cleanup begins. And that means a lot of hauling.

“It’ll take about 4,000 dump truck loads to get all the debris off the site,” says Chachere. “That’s a lot of trucks and a lot of traffic, primarily at night. Community outreach to our Texas Medical Center neighbors will continue through April as we haul the debris away.”

After it’s all gone, the site will be restored to a park-like area for everybody to enjoy.

Safe Harbor for Wave of Life

A highlight of the park-like area will be the “Wave of Life” statue that’s graced the front of HMB since the 1950s.

Contractors will move the statue to a concrete pad at the west end of the Duncan Building prior to the implosion. The statue will return to its original location after all the debris is hauled away.

Safety perimeter map (PDF):

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