Robert A. Burge House – Houston

1801 Heights Blvd. – Houston TX (built ~1911)


*Note – current Heights Blvd. was originally just known as “Boulevard” until about 1925 and then “Houston Heights Blvd.” through the 1950s.

This home, currently a Greenwood King Properties office location, was originally the home of Robert A. Burge, Vice President of Houston Show Case & Manufacturing Co. and later Burge Manufacturing Co. Burge then sold it to Dr. Thomas A. Sinclair, one of the founders and President of the Heights Hospital and Vice President of Ship Channel Drug Co. Thomas Albert Sinclair Elementary School in the Heights is named after him.


Advertisement in Houston Home and Garden, June 1975:

1801 Heights Blvd. - Houston TX

1801 Heights Blvd. - Houston TX


Current Street View:

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Burge Manufacturing Co. advertisement from 1917:

Burge Manufacturing Co. - Houston TX