Frederick Post Co. – Houston

5600 Harvey Wilson Dr. – Houston TX (built 1957; also Cooper Stainless Steel, Industrial Alloys, Wayne Valve, Inc., and Provimar America Ship Supplier)


From 1957:

Frederick Post Company – manufacturer of precision engineering supplies, drafting materials and sensitized papers & cloths proudly announces the opening of its new plant – 5600 Harvey Wilson Drive, Houston 20, Texas.


Extensive new warehousing facilities for all Post products, coupled with specially designed machines to coat and process sensitized papers, now make available fast, dependable service to engineers, architects and draftsmen throughout the Southwest.


Frederick Post Company has outgrown its old southwestern headquarters located in Houston since 1940. NOW – new facilities…new service…new Houston location…new phone number, WAlnut 8-3261.


5600 Harvey Wilson Dr. - Houston TX


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