Braeswood Shopping Center – Houston

2266-2294 W. Holcombe Blvd. – Houston TX (built 1950-1951; architect Dixon & Greenwood)

Ground broke on the Braeswood  Shopping Center on October 13, 1950 and the grand opening was held Thursday-Saturday, October 11-13, 1951.

According to the October 19, 1950 issue of the Southwest Citizen, the new center “will introduce several new points of design to Houston.” These were to include a 750 foot curved facade, a second-story/canopy on each end (the architect said that “had not been done before in Houston”), and a floor to ceiling glass “open vision” style on the front in “exceptionally brilliant colors.”

The Lewis and Coker Supermarket located in the center of the complex was planned with a glazed tile and terracotta facade with an 18’x40′ glass entrance. Information on other stores in the complex can be found in the October 11, 1951 issue of the Southwestern Times.

The center has been extensively remodeled but from the Google Earth aerial below, you can still see some of the basic concepts of the original design:

Braeswood Center aerial image



Rendering from the October 19, 1950 issue of the Southwest Citizen:

Braeswood Shopping Center rendering - 1950


Interior of the Lewis and Coker Supermarket from the October 11, 1951 issue of the Southwestern Times:

Interior - Lewis and Coker Supermarket No. 2