Mulberry Manor – Bellaire TX

4400 Bissonnet St. (Richmond Rd.) – Bellaire TX (planned 1946; never built – architects Lloyd & Morgan)

(Note that Ave. A is now Newcastle and Richmond Rd. is now Bissonnet.)
From the September 1, 1946 issue of the Houston Chronicle:


Bellaire to get modern subdivision

A proposed subdivision and community center development for Bellaire, costing approximately $1,300,000 was announced Saturday by H.M. Cohen and Melvin A. Silverman, Houston builders and developers.
The new residential section would give preference to war veterans, it was announced, and will contain 122 homesites and homes.
The entire layout is being designed by Lloyd & Morgan, well known Houston architects, and will carry out modern concepts of planning and architecture.
Most of the residences, Mr. Silverman said, will be of ranch-type and will sell for approximately $8300 each.
The proposed community center, which would cost $250,000, will be constructed provided the city of Bellaire adopts a zoning ordinance which would allow commercial construction in the area. The fight over the zoning plan recently provoked widespread strife within Bellaire’s city council. The ordinance will be voted upon September 7.


A new residential subdivision with G.I. preference and a community center along distinctive lines, designed by Lloyd & Morgan, architects, and to cost about $1,300,000, was announced Saturday for Bellaire.
To be known as Mulberry Manor, the project is being developed by H.M. Cohen, who built Wilshire Village, a 144-unit housing project on West Alabama, and Melvin A. Silverman, who recently completed a 300-home project in Texas City. Mr. Cohen is president and Mr. Silverman is secretary-treasurer of Mulberry Manor, Inc. Both developers have been in the building business for more than 21 years.


Thirty Acres Involved
Contract has been awarded to W.A. McClendon for water mains and sanitary and storm sewers. The project is on 30 acres which Mr. Cohen and Mr. Silverman purchased several months ago from the family of William A. Kirkland. The land had been in the Kirkland family for more than 70 years, it was stated.
Mulberry Manor derives its name from Mulberry Lane, and lies between Mulberry Lane, and Avenue A, both in Bellaire.
Construction is expected to begin soon on 122 ranch-type residences of an average sale value of $8500 each or a total of $1,037,000. The community center, which would cost in excess of $250,000, is contingent upon the approval of the citizens of Bellaire, who exercise control over the municipality’s zoning measures.
Proponents of the project are hopeful of approval of the center, they say, because there is no other shopping center within a mile and a quarter. The vote will be taken September 7.

Other Features Residential lots will be 60 by 115 feet, facing paved streets, and all will be served by public utility connections. The houses will have a Spanish stucco effect on the exterior, and each will be insulated. Each residence will include two bedrooms, a living room, dinette, kitchen, several closets, a screened porch, and a garage.
The proposed community center would include spaces for a super market, general store, auto agency, beauty shop, electrical appliance store, and other stores. It has been designed as a Western modern type, and the over-all design resembles an airplane with one wing clipped off – that is, the bird’s eye view of it.
Planners of the project say they are hopeful of completion of the entire project in about seven months.


Mulberry Manor - Bellaire TX

Mulberry Manor - Bellaire TX

Mulberry Manor - Bellaire TX