SPJST Lodge No. 88 – Houston

1435 Beall St. – Houston TX (built 1964; architect Erwin Olexa)


The SPJST (Slovanská Podporující Jednota Statu Texas) Lodge Pokrok No. 88 was built in 1964 with groundbreaking on February 16, 1964 and formal opening on February 20-21, 1965.

Erwin Olexa’s modern building is now unrecognizable from its original construction. The Lodge was remodeled in 2014, removing the port cochere arch spans and plated facade.


According to the February 17, 1965 issue of Vestnik, the SPJST newspaper:

The main building is 200 x 54 feet, with 2,500 square feet of table space. A large modern stage occupies one end of the auditorium. Other facilities in the in the building include a large private dining or banquet room, private membership club, tavern, public dining room, modern kitchen, meeting and recreation room, and a youth activity room.

All of this made comfortable with central heat and 110 tons of air conditioning. The effective use of brick, steel, metal combined with glass, creates a structure of strength, prestige, dignity, and pride.

Image from the February 17, 1965 issue of Vestnik:

SPJST Lodge 88 - Houston


Bing maps street image:

SPJST Lodge 88 - Houston TX



SPJST Lodge 88 - Houston TX