Jim Dandy Fried Chicken (Almeda) – Houston

4621 Almeda Rd. – Houston TX (built 1970; also #1 Chicken, Rice & Seafood)


Jim Dandy Fried Chicken was a popular American restaurant chain in the 1960s and 1970s. In the mid-1960s Jim Dandy bought the rights to use the Church’s Chicken name in the greater Houston area and Galveston so some Church’s Chicken restaurants incorporated the  “d” chicken logo seen below. Almeda, along with Lyons, Dowling, and Navigation are the few ex-Jim Dandy/Church’s locations left in the area. This location eventually became Church’s Chicken No. 22.


Jim Dandy/Church's Chicken


4621 Almeda Rd. - Houston TX


Jim Dandy Fried Chicken


Jim Dandy Fried Chicken