Category: 1890s

Weingarten Grocery & Saloon – Houston

1601 Congress St. (historically 201 Congress St.) – Houston TX (built late 1800s) This small commercial building was once home to Joseph and Harry Weingarten’s grocery and saloon from the early 1900s to about 1910. Before and after it was various grocers/saloons with boarding on the second floor (you can still see “rooms” on the back side of the building,… Read more →

Peden Iron and Steel (1890) – Houston

110-112 Travis St. – Houston TX (built 1890) This was the original of three main Peden buildings in Houston – others were located at 600 N. San Jacinto (built 1929) and 700 N. San Jacinto (built 1905). Peden Iron and Steel remained at this location until about 1906 when the building was taken over by Davidson Brothers Wholesale Cigars and Tobacco.… Read more →