Dwyer/Faske-Davis Building – Brenham

210 E. Main St. – Brenham TX (built c. 1871; metal cladding added late 1960s; also Dwyer & Healey Hardware, Faske’s Jewelry)


210 E. Main St. - Brenham TX

210 E. Main St. - Brenham TX

210 E. Main St. - Brenham TX

210 E. Main St. - Brenham TX


Text of building marker:

Dwyer/Faske-Davis Building

210-212 East Main Street


Mr. M.S. Haley, a Brenham native, acquired this site in 1866 and sold it to an Irish immigrant, Thomas H. Dwyer in 1871. The present two story structure was erected that featured the “Dwyer & Healy Hardware Co.” By 1913, it had become the “Dwyer Store Building.” Various businesses, including a dry goods and later a Singer sewing machine shop were conducted from here. Two barber shops opened on the east side and the eastern upstairs held a beauty shop and later apartments.


The West half of the structure has been operated as a jewelry store by the Faske family since 1944 and is still owned  and operated by them.


George Moorman bought the east half of the building in 1962 and moved his law offices into the basement. His wife ran a clothing store, “Billie’s Corner” on the ground level.


In 1996, the L.A. “Bill” Davis family acquired the eastern half. It was then restored and the old apartments facing St. Charles Street were refurbished.


Businesses now occupy the ground floor and the basement.